A downloadable game

This is a test version of Eggoria, only part of the content is included

Game Play

*Unlimited worlds with no borders.
*Darkness is chasing you!
*You have to build a safe place.
*There is research, you collect materials, and a lot more!
*Warning! Darkness is close! Let's move to a new place!
*Beware of the eggs' hunger, temperature, mood, and heart?
*If necessary, put your heart on a stick
*if necessary, sacrifice yourself to a God
*A red scary eye will stare at you every few days
*At least there is a hot tub!
*Finally, beat the darkness, or...


*Procedural generated Maps with unlimited size!
*Hundreds of different research!
*50+ buildings, including a tent and caravan!
*20+ animals and enemies, some you can pet, some can help you.
*A lot of disasters!
*Hundreds of items, 50+ gear items and tools!
*Detailed food, work and storage management system!
*Many gods!
*Many endings!


Eggoria64.zip 390 MB


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I don't see any demo to install/download here?

   Is this a demo? i just installed it thinking it was a simple management game but it was just so much more, really enjoied it, my only issue is that you can't change the UI size but apart from that it's really good game.

thanks,this is test version, if you like it you can find full version on Steam